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Xianfeng heavy treasure is a copper money, diameter 38 mm, weight 16 g.. This kind of copper coin is very exquisite, the handwriting is clear and deep handsome, the copper material is fine, the money is exquisite, does not have a dime of muddy water, is slightly bigger than the same edition circulation money, thicker.



Ten/diameter 38 mm, Weight: about 16 g


Xianfeng was the climax of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom Revolution. At this time the people boil, Qing government financial constraints, treasury deficit. On the coin casting, the financial crisis passed on to the common people. One after another cast "Xianfeng Tongbao "," Xianfeng heavy treasure "," Xianfeng Yuanbao" and other kinds of coins. Xianfeng first cast "Xianfeng Tongbao" money. as a result of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom revolutionary movement, and the outbreak of the Opium War. Money Bureau casting money has been very difficult to carry out normally, many provincial money bureau is actually in the state of stop casting, even open casting, is also jerry-building. As a result, Xianfeng Tongbao made less fine money, and more shoddy, mostly poor quality and small, or iron money, lead money instead of copper money. In the first year of Xianfeng, it was stipulated that the money would weigh one and two cents, and in the second year of Xianfeng, it became one money, but most of the money made by each casting bank was lighter than the prescribed weight. Most of the "Xianfeng Tongbao" writing regular script, back text Manwen Bureau names are: Baoyuan, Baoquan, Baohe, Baode, Baodong, Baoyi, Baoji, Baojin, Baoshan, Baogong, Bao Su, Baozhe, Baochang, Baofu, Baotai, Baowu, Baonan, Baoguang, Baogui, Baochuan, Baoyun Aksu, Baobao and other twenty-four money bureau. Among them Baotai, Baode, Baoguang, Aksu and so on the number of very few.



Ten/diameter 38 mm, Weight: about 16 g


Since then, the Taiping army has succeeded, plus the influence of the Opium War. The military expenditure of the Qing army government increased greatly, and the tax revenue decreased greatly, resulting in financial constraints and treasury deficit. In order to raise funds to suppress the Taiping Army and ease the financial crisis, the Qing government was forced to make big money in Xianfeng three years (AD 1853). The following passage is quoted from Xianfeng three years, military service day, pay can not be followed, Shouyang phase of the Ministry of National Rights, please cast as the top ten money, and increase iron smelting to provide support. Push and when fifty, when hundred. The king's minister continued to ask him to cast five hundred, two thousand. From this point of view shows that Xianfeng big money is forced to cast under the circumstances. "Xianfeng heavy treasure" was first cast as the top ten money, and then opened to cast as 50, when 100 and more than 100, and made the national provinces quickly cast to implement. "Xianfeng heavy treasure" casting situation is very chaotic and complex, on duty, size, casting materials, casting technology, text books, Qian Wen, etc., in each bureau even in the same board casting, are very different, so that the size of the duty and the size of the money upside down, in addition to iron money and lead money. In order to carry out the big money quickly, the number of Xianfeng cast money bureau has increased again compared with the previous period. Outside the original Baoyuan, Baoquan and provincial money bureau, another hot river Baode bureau was set up, Jiangsu Jiangsu Baosu bureau has set up Qingjiangpu sub-bureau, Xinjiang Kashi bureau, also allowed Keqin county king, set up a copper donation bureau to make big money, has been suspended cast money bureau has resumed casting. There are a variety of Xianfeng big money on duty. "Xianfeng heavy treasure" when ten money casting line is the most common, each open casting large money bureau has casting line, casting amount is quite abundant. The second is when fifty, when hundred dollars, when five hundred, when thousands only Baoquan Bureau, Baoyuan Bureau, Baogong Bureau, Baoshan Bureau, Baohe Bureau and Keqin County King cast. In addition to the above-mentioned duty stations, great money was cast as five, twenty and forty to four hundred. Bao Wen when ten, when 50 most use "heavy treasure ", when more than 100 use" Yuan Bao ". But also have money bureau uses "Tong Bao" heavy treasure, or use several kinds of treasure article concurrently. Xianfeng big money Qian Wen calligraphy, each bureau self-system, the difference is obvious.



Ten/diameter 38 mm, Weight: about 16 g


Baoquan Bureau since May of three years Xianfeng first cast as the top ten money, August cast as the top fifty money, October cast as a hundred, when 500, when a thousand dollars. Baoquan bureau Xianfeng big money version is more, the book body changes more complex, the coin material has red copper, brass, iron, lead and so on. Baoyuan Bureau since Xianfeng three years in August as the top 10 money, October as the top 50, November as a hundred, when thousands, large coins for water red copper, brass, iron, lead, and so on, version, book changes, the size of the big difference.


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