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Hetian Yujia was born in the mountain rocks of the Kunlun Mountains, which stretch high above 3500 meters above sea level. Hetian Yuyuan stone after natural geological movement and glacier movement and other long-term stripping into blocks of varying sizes.


Hetian jade fragments washed into the river through rain and snow water, with the river flowing into the water, called Hetian Yushan flowing water material, Hetian Yushan flowing water raw stone through the Yulong Kashi River hundreds or even tens of thousands of years of scour, the formation of Hetian Yuyuan stone.


The texture of jade: warm and delicate, rich in color, natural simple, colorful skin color, smooth shape, various posture, with the theory of five virtues, benevolence. Righteousness. Rites. Joy. Loyalty


Thigh: about 33 cm, Diameter: about 46 cm, Bottom width: about 19 cm, Bottom length: about 28 cm


Jade is the treasure of the Chinese nation and one of the cultural characteristics of the Chinese nation. In the eight thousand years of Chinese jade culture, Hetian jade has become an important carrier of politics, culture, morality, religion and so on in the past dynasties with its elegant quality and excellent texture, and has continued to this day. Hetian jade's jade culture carrier function is manifested by its materialized product (jade). Hetian jade articles can be divided into three categories according to their different uses, such as ornaments, ornaments and utensils, as well as wrench, pendant, bracelet, mountain, bottle, furnace, embalming and so on.


Hetian jade belongs to the national totem has a history of 8000 years bearing so far, since ancient times there has been gold valuable jade priceless saying, for the price definition is still based on the relative existence of technology, raw materials, creativity, authors, the future will also appear brand value, for jade, there is no uniform operating standards at home and abroad, so in the market, generally similar quality jade or jewelry, its price is often very different, very difficult to grasp. Hetian jade is different from single crystal gemstone. Hetian jade is a mineral aggregate composed of polycrystals. The mineral particles are different in thickness, arrangement and distribution, which results in a variety of changes in color, structure, transparency, impurity and so on. Hetian jade raw material value influence factors according to culture, national conditions, aesthetic, creative, craft, and many other conditions, but no pursuit of jade value will fade color, this is the "gold is valuable, jade is not valuable" reason, novice and expert also have a completely different understanding of this sentence.


Thigh: about 33 cm, Diameter: about 46 cm, Bottom width: about 19 cm, Bottom length: about 28 cm

一、影响和田玉原料的价值因素 决定和田玉玉器原料价值的因素又包括品质、产地、产出环境(产状)三个部分。这三个因素相互作用、相互影响共同决定着玉器原料价值的高低。

The factors that influence the value of Hetian jade raw materials determine the value of Hetian jade raw materials include three parts: quality, origin and output environment. The interaction and interaction of these three factors together determine the value of jade raw materials.







    2. Sculpture classification, jade not cut into a device Must give the Hetian jade seed material to do the classification clearly, can survive better. In the evaluation of jade is nothing more than "material "," work "," meaning" these three points. The material is more than one, and the price difference is ten times. The price difference is ten times. The price difference is ten times.


From the point of view of collection, the work must be material top, work top, meaning top, to achieve these three points can be called collection grade seed material works. The price of collection grade seed material is 10 times higher than that of ordinary grade. a common grade seed material 3000 pieces, a collection grade seed material 3 million. And so on, below the collection level is the top, material sub-top, industrial top, subject matter ordinary. Then down is either the top of the general material, or the top of the general material. The price is 10 times as high as that of the common goods. The value of the raw seed material is generally attached to the finished product belongs to the idea of investment. In the future, the rare stone of the seed material will become the original form of the seed material


Thigh: about 33 cm, Diameter: about 46 cm, Bottom width: about 19 cm, Bottom length: about 28 cm


1. quality grade is a relative value index, there is no one-to-one relationship between quality and value. Hetian jade structure, transparency, luster, grain crack, defects and other factors constitute the characteristics of Hetian jade. Because the mineral particles that make up Hetian jade are fine, the particles can not be seen by the naked eye, and the crystal shape can only be seen under the microscope, which is generally fibrous and felt-like intertwined, so its structure is very delicate and thus has good toughness. The main factors affecting the price of Hetian jade raw materials are texture, color, luster and transparency, block (weight) and shape.


(1) Qualitative geology refers to the comprehensive representation of the size, shape, uniformity and interrelation of mineral particles that make up Hetian jade. High quality Hetian jade requirements: dense, uniform, delicate texture, translucent or slightly transparent, no or little grain crack, less clean impurities, less defects; and low quality Hetian jade texture requirements to reduce.


(2) Color is an important factor in the evaluation of Hetian jade. It is divided into eight categories according to color Hetian jade. Generally speaking, it is preferred to be white jade, white jade and topaz, followed by Jasper and Moyu, and then sugar jade, sapphire and sapphire. In addition to white jade, the other seven types of color should be observed and analyzed from four aspects: hue, concentration, purity and evenness. Color tone should be positive, not partial color, no variegated color; concentration evaluation is for color saturation, the color should be appropriate; purity evaluation is generally the more pure the better, color deviation is poor, such as green, green is the best, gray green, blue green are poor; uniformity requires uniform color. In addition, hetian jade often appears more than two colors, such as with leather color, sugar color, the color collocation is good, beautiful color clever or novel, can make the work add color, even double the value.


Thigh: about 33 cm, Diameter: about 46 cm, Bottom width: about 19 cm, Bottom length: about 28 cm


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